Science of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability packaging is so much more than recycling; it requires a comprehensive understanding of the societal, environmental, and economic impacts throughout a package’s life cycle. More brands are placing a growing focus on sustainability, and for good reason—it is no longer an option but a necessity. At PTI, we specialize in this knowledge and believe it is up to us, along with brand owners, manufacturers, and other partners, to set the stage for a more sustainable future.
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Sustainable packaging: the future is in our hands

We are united around a shared passion to elevate the consumer experience through sustainable packaging solutions. In fact, we’ve been an independent, confidential consulting partner and offer sustainable packaging solutions to the global plastics, packaging, and recycling industry for over three decades.

Packaging Materials Expertise

Choosing the right packaging material is critical for taking a product to market, especially when considering metrics like sustainability, shelf life, and recyclability. Our team of product experts guides you through the selection process, ensuring that the end product meets all design, functionality, and sustainability requirements.

Recycling Compliance Management

In today’s world, product lifecycle and the ability to recycle packaging hold great importance, especially related to environmental impact. At PTI, we help to determine recyclability at the outset of package design and development. Recognized by APR and EPBP, we ensure that the best materials and design are in place to meet your end-of-life goals.

Product Testing & Quality Assurance

Before a product hits the shelves, it is required to go through multiple cycles of testing and quality assurance. PTI serves as an independent third-party that assesses all aspects of product package protection and performance; such as the preservation of the contents as well as the performance of the package through consumer utilization.

Packaging Life Cycle Assessment Support

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the analysis of a product’s entire life cycle, helping to determine the environmental, social and economic impacts from inception to end use. Our product team can provide key insights during this process to help brand owners make informed decisions in order to meet their corporate environmental goals, while embracing the circular economy principle.

At PTI, we feel strongly about our responsibility to drive and support global sustainability initiatives. As an industry leader and advisor, it is our innate role to take the lead in our collaboration with our clients and be part of this transformation. Thierry Fabozzi, President | PTI Global

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