Performance Engineering

At PTI, we believe the proof of package design is in the performance. By providing virtual simulation, rapid prototyping, and package testing, our team of experts can validate and enhance your designs, accelerating speed to market, while decreasing iteration cycles.
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Your ideal concept-to-commercialization partner.

Our engineers work with almost every plastic material and take on projects at any stage in the development process, often delivering substantial cost savings and accelerated speed to market.

Rapid Prototyping

PTI’s rapid prototyping technology uses additive manufacturing (3D printing) to turn a design concept into a shelf-ready scale model. This allows brand owners to fully visualize a concept, beyond a simple drawing, before committing to it.

Virtual Prototyping/Finite Element Analysis (VP/FEA)

We use state-of-the-art technology and software to simulate the manufacturing process, create a virtual model , and run a finite element analysis (FEA). By doing so, our engineers can reduce the number of physical iterations , while optimizing the design to develop better performing products, faster.

Industrial Samples/First Article

Ready to see your package in action? Upon approval of the virtual/rapid prototyping phase, we manufacture the  mold to produce a fully functioning industrial sample. This helps to determine the optimum process settings for productivity and quality, and allows you to experience the functional and aesthetic aspects of the package.

Lab Services

For over 30 years, our in-house, certified laboratories have provided an immense range of testing services. Our labs can test both physical properties and material performance, giving you the most comprehensive results possible. And if we don’t currently offer a specific test, we will create it to meet your needs.

At PTI, we solve everyday manufacturing problems and address challenging performance targets by applying scientific principles to truly understand the root cause. Our engineering solutions are supported by innovation and accurate predictive modeling that result in fully functional properties, which are key constituents of a robust packaging solution. Sumit Mukherjee, VP of Engineering Services | PTI Global

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