Packaging Done Right

PTI leverages three-plus decades of innovation to solve plastic packaging challenges. Our unique approach is streamlined and optimized to provide a packaging solutions that give our customers’ products market visibility, leading to bottom-line growth.
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The PTI Approach

I. Ideate & Design

We perform in-depth consumer research and competitive analysis to form the foundation for our thinking. Then, our team of brand-oriented designers, material scientists and packaging engineers get to work, using state-of-the-art technologies and expert knowledge to concept and validate innovative packaging ideas that are tailored to exceed our customer’s goals and objectives.

II. Rendering

We take our most viable package designs from phase one, and put them to work, testing and evaluating everything from overall functionality and ergonomics to recyclability. We use very rigid testing parameters that correlate with our customer’s specifications, and ensure a controlled testing environment for every simulation. Our Global Testing and Analytical Services Group can simulate almost any event a package could encounter.

III. Prototype & Evaluate

Our prototyping phase was designed to help customers visualize their concept or packaging design before going to production, affording them significant time and cost savings. During this stage, we continue to test and refine a design until the best possible configuration is determined and all performance objectives are met or exceeded.

IV. Produce

Our production capabilities are extensive, with the ability to produce  anywhere between one and multi-million units, including sales samples, limited release production, and commemorative structures. Because our production process is highly monitored and methodical, we are able to quickly and efficiently adjust our operations, significantly lowering the probability of error and its associated costs.

V. Monitor

PTI’s partnership doesn’t end with production. We make sure our customers are supported in production and logistical activities going to market, including plant support, machine startups and transportation monitoring specifically tailored to a product’s unique shipping and delivery requirements.