Introducing Dromo

First-of-its-kind PET packaging, specifically designed for e-commerce.
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The growth of e-commerce has challenged brand owners to rethink their approach to packaging-particularly for liquid and semi-viscous products. The ultra-lightweight Dromo™ bottle addresses those concerns. It works in conjunction with a variety of dispensing systems and has been designed to withstand shipping with minimal secondary packaging. .

Dromo Individual Bottle
The Bottle

The 16-ounce Dromo™ bottle is suitable for a variety of liquid products with varying viscosities.

  • 75% material reduction compared to retail bottles for similar 16-ounce personal care and household chemical products
  • Empty bottle weight is 9.6g, 75% lighter than typical 16-ounce, retail-shelf bottles
  • Functions as a refill bottle
  • PET is recyclable in most municipalities in the #1 waste stream
  • Sustains max burst pressure of 173 psi
  • Withstands 6-foot base and side drop testing
  • Side wall accommodates brand embossing
The Dispenser

The bottle can be used in conjunction with different types of “housing” and dispensing devices specifically designed to accommodate the Dromo™ bottle.

  • Housing can be engineered to compliment the application
  • Can be designed in a variety of finishes for aesthetic appeal
  • A product window allows for branding on the side panel to be visible during use
  • Can accommodate a variety of dispensers and sprayers, as well as hanging devices.
  • Pouch refill systems are more challenging to recycle than the PET Dromo™ bottle
  • The Dromo™ bottle system does not require product transfer unlike pouches which require that contents be poured into an empty bottle. This minimizes spillage/wasted product.

Ideal for: Personal Care Products & Household Chemicals

Minimal Secondary Packaging Required

The Dromo was engineered to withstand the rigors of the shipping environment with minimal secondary packaging, reducing the overall packaging cost and dependence on raw materials.