Consumer Experience Design

Product package design plays an integral role in the way a consumer interacts with a brand. When done right, product packaging design should go beyond its basic function and enhance the user experience—at PTI, we make this an everyday practice.
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Your consumer expectations are our main concern.

During the package design process, we consider all aspects of the end user interaction. By placing consumer experience at the center of our innovation process, we deliver more than just functionality. We offer unique benefits that keep customers coming back.

Brand Innovation

Innovation in this industry requires a solid understanding of plastics technology. While there’s a general desire among brand owners to create a high performing product, many packaging design companies do not have the engineering and production capabilities needed to do so. PTI bridges the gap, delivering solutions that are competitively designed, functionally engineered, and have been tested rigorously, from start to finish, to ensure commercial viability.

Product Ideation

When it comes to product ideation PTI takes a deep dive. Whether you’re launching a new product, redesigning an existing one, or faced with another packaging challenge, PTI can help to devise a solution that’s test-market ready, on time, and in budget. We pull together talent from across the packaging world. And, when a project is over, the brand owner has complete ownership of all intellectual property.

Industrial Design

PTI’s multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers, material scientists, and manufacturers takes a human-centric approach to crafting packaging solutions that skillfully respond to unique user needs. We evaluate how the package would be interacted with in the consumer environment and design it to ensure that it is instinctual, ergonomic and functional by design - enhancing the consumer’s brand experience.

Speed to Market

The launch date is set—now what? We know that managing project time and budget are critical aspects of your commercialization timeline. Our diverse capabilities, including virtual simulation and modeling, help to eliminate unnecessary iteration cycles that are typical of a product development phase. This means your package is delivered production ready with an accelerated time to market.

In today’s dynamic consumer world, speed and innovation are key to success. We work with brand owners directly or with their creative agencies to provide world class design, engineering and innovation that works in the unforgiving production environment. Craig Robinson,
Vice President Business Development & Innovation | PTI Global