The Sustainable Packaging Movement

Sustainability packaging is so much more than recycling; it requires a comprehensive understanding of the societal, environmental, and economic impacts throughout a package’s life cycle. At PTI, we specialize in this knowledge and believe it is up to us, along with brand owners, manufacturers, and other partners, to set the stage for a more sustainable future.
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The future is in our hands

Literally—think about how often you or your customers interact with plastic packaging. Even the smallest steps toward sustainability today can help to create dramatic results future-forward, especially as more brands and key decision makers begin to follow suit.

It starts with design.

From the shape of a package to the materials selected to make it, it is a designer’s responsibility to make smart decisions that avoid issues for retailers, consumers, and recyclers downstream. Things like color, barriers and the overall presentation of the package can reduce or eliminate recyclability. PTI excels at combining our expertise in these areas to create the most efficient, functional and sustainable packages on the market.

Thinking in life cycles.

One mistake we see other agencies make all too often is not considering the entire life cycle of a package, from raw material sourcing through end-of-life. A holistic view ensures that decisions made in one phase—e.g., a unique design—do not negatively impact another—e.g., efficient transport and distribution.

Environmentally friendly—and so much more.

Sustainability is often thought of as synonymous with recyclability, “green,” and “eco-friendly.” While this is true, there is much more that goes into it than just the environmental component. For instance, sustainable packaging must also meet the market criteria for performance and cost, be manufactured using clean technologies, and be physically designed to optimize materials and energy. Because of this, it is important to choose a partner who is familiar with the many complexities of sustainable package design.

Sustainability leads to brand loyalty.

Another great reason to side with sustainability? Consumers expect it! Numerous studies report that consumer demand will drive growth in the sustainable packaging market over the next five years. What’s more, in a lot of cases, consumers are not only willing to switch brands opting for one that is sustainable, but they are also open to paying more for it.

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