1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA | 1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

Plastic packaging: from concept to commercialization ®

Package development and design

From Concept to Commercialization®, we take ideas and turn them into shelf-differentiating packages.

Modeling and simulation

We use proprietary software to predict how your package will perform, removing both time and cost from the development process.

Materials and recycling

As experts in emerging polymers, recycled materials and the recycling process, we can help you meet your environmental goals.

Thin-wall barrier packaging

The demand for single serve thin-wall barrier packaging solutions continues to grow. We can help you create a market winner.

Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is recognized worldwide as the preferred source for plastic package design, package development, rapid prototyping, pre-production prototyping, and material evaluation engineering for the plastic packaging industry.


Two-container snap-fit PET package now available to brand owners 10/4/2016

The Clasper™ blow molded bottle technology is now being made available to brand owners who want to market a product in a package with two separate containers. It provides a unique packaging solution for boundary-pushing food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, industrial and household chemical products. The Clasper concept enables two different products to be consumed in sequence or mixed together and then consumed. … Continue


Package Design Matters Conference 2017

A perspective-changing event with top-level brand owners, retailers and agency leaders exploring design's strategic business value. … Continue

The Packaging Conference 2017

The Packaging Conference is unique because it was created and is produced by people who know the industry's value stream and understand its challenges. Held February 6 - 8, 2017 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay … Continue


1440 Timberwolf Drive
PO Box 964
Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
+1 419 867-5400

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