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Understanding the Value of an EIEMP

An Experienced Independent Engineering and Manufacturing Partner can be a valuable asset to any company. Utilized correctly it becomes an extension of your own internal resources. Many of these EIEMP solution providers have years of industry experience that reach across a range of expertise. Knowledge in conceptual design, industrial design engineering, manufacturing and manufacturing process support are all part of their value proposition.

Today’s workforce has become more transient and more companies running on tighter budgets. It is impossible for companies to maintain consistent, documented knowledge-bases, employ resources to develop new innovations, or have personnel to troubleshoot and maintain existing manufacturing facilities. As a society, we have developed a lot of internet based information resources that assist problem solving, there is one major element missing from that type of approach…the human interaction factor.

A common misconception with outside resources is that they are more expensive than in-house personnel. These EIEMP solution providers can reduce your time to market, free up internal resources to work on other projects that almost always fall to the bottom of any “to do” lists when a crisis arises. Often it can become a constant firefighting situation and the plans are delayed. Outside EIEMP Solution providers can inspect facilities for production line efficiencies, assist with manufacturing processes or even conduct energy audits to reduce your energy consumption. So, the money spent can possibly be a justifiable ROI.

Next time you find yourself in a bind with timing, resources or even having trouble thinking outside the box for innovation, stop and think about using an EIEMP solution provider. There are a number of them available. When you partner with the right provider you will find a new way of being more efficient and effective resulting in a better bottom line. Not to mention you can begin to sleep at night again!



Project Engineer – Integrated Engineering Team

Scott has a combined 25 years of glass and plastic container experience ranging from cavity and tooling of blow molds to research and development of innovative plastic containers and their associated tooling and processes. In addition, he has done machine component design for plastic blow molding and downstream line equipment.