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Blow Mold Operator Training

Blow Mold Operator Training


– Machine Operators and Technicians


This two-day course provides process and troubleshooting techniques for blow molding two-stage PET bottles. This class includes roughly 10-12 hours of classroom instruction, followed by practical instruction at a blow molding machine. Classes are offered at PTI-US on the dates listed below, but are also offered on-demand at our customer locations as well.

One of the goals is to gain an understanding of the preform to bottle and machine relationships that affect the quality of bottles. A focus is given to the machine operation, settings and process parameters for controlling and maintaining a stable process. A review of cause and effect of defects will also be part of this class.

    • PET properties that affect blow molding
    • Introduction to drying and injection
    • Two-stage blow molding – classroom and practical instruction
    • Options can include preferential heating, heatset, specific to your blow molding equipment.
    • To review the full course outline, click here.

This class is offered on-demand only. For further information or for any questions regarding registration, email our training department at