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Ergonomic Function Matters and Helps Sell Product

Ergonomic function matters and helps sell product. When I asked my wife why she buys a particular brand of detergent or bleach the answer was not what I expected. I expected to hear that brand X is so much more effective than brand Y. Instead, she described how the handle and grip features are comfortable and balanced and that it doesn’t splash as the product is poured. Ergonomic features like handles and grips in blow molded package design can offer opportunities for aesthetic styling and brand differentiation but it must be done right.

There are a set of rules and specifications for design of a grip or handle that will feel right in the consumer’s hands. Designing packaging without these considerations or by trial and error can be a costly and time consuming development project.

Using best practices in design and leveraging the use of 3D printing for form and fit validation will cut significant cost and time from your package development.



Director – Design Services

Rob’s years of experience in the plastic packaging industry includes PET container design, preform design, handle design, project engineering, as well as the associated tooling design. Rob has applied his engineering background to create a variety of complex bottle shapes which incorporate the importance of form and function in design. Rob has supported every PTI customer with creative package design work and has routinely taken customer concepts to commercial reality.