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Why Do Package Developments Take Longer and Cost More Than We Want?

There are many reasons for timing and cost overruns, but often it is due to a lack of information earlier in the process.

Here are a few key points to help minimize issues:

  1. Not enough information. Too often people think they are ready to start the design work, when they suddenly realize they don’t have enough package performance or product data to complete the design. This will hinder the actual development cycle.
  2. Ensure full team buy in. This lack of data can occur from a marketing standpoint, a technical standpoint, or both. Spend the time to get everyone’s requirements. This may also be a negotiation but this is the time for that.

Define the boundaries. A successful package development should start with the definition of the boundaries: marketing, dimensional, economic, operational, to name a few. If these aren’t first, then they are learned as the project progresses, resulting in delays or worse, iterations in the process.  

Identifying these boundaries, gather all the information and identifying the constraints early takes discipline, as well as collaboration between marketing, technical and operational groups. And while this does equate to an investment of time and money, making this effort up front, saves a lot more later and results in successful projects and product launches.



Vice President – Product Development Group

Tracy has spent her entire career working with the orientation stretch blow molding process. Tracy has extensive experience in PET preform, container, tooling and mold design, whole package performance, and material testing, and on-site product start-up and manufacturing support.