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Why Cool Concept Designs Never See the Light of Day


Do you ever wonder why the cool concept cars on display at the car shows never make it to market?

These concepts are generated by artists and industrial designers without the constraints of engineering and manufacturing requirements. Applying these constraints to the beautiful designs is what allows the models we buy to be safe and affordable. It’s the same scenario for package design.

Styling of structural plastic packaging conveys branding and garners consumer appeal through aesthetic senses. Design incorporation of iconic shapes, brand identity features, and ergonomic function presents significant design and manufacturing challenges.

It takes a special skill to merge these constraints while maintaining design intent and function. Designers must be able to recognize the importance and value of the styling to properly incorporate the intent in a way that allows for new packaging ideas to be manufactured on existing equipment and meet predefined performance specifications.



Director – Design Services

Rob’s years of experience in the plastic packaging industry includes PET container design, preform design, handle design, project engineering, as well as the associated tooling design. Rob has applied his engineering background to create a variety of complex bottle shapes which incorporate the importance of form and function in design. Rob has supported every PTI customer with creative package design work and has routinely taken customer concepts to commercial reality.