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Technology and Application of PET: PTI Europe

  • Packaging Engineers
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Development
  • PET Sales Professionals
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing Professionals

Thanks to its excellent mechanical and barrier properties and its good recycling capability, PET remains the packaging of choice for new products or for conversion from other packaging materials.  With filling technologies evolving rapidly to meet the demands of products like beer, wine, dairy products and pure fruit juices, more and more brands are turning to PET for their packaging.

Designed for both seasoned PET veterans as well as those new to the industry, this 3.5 day* training course provides up-to-date information on PET container technologies while presenting a unique opportunity to discuss your specific applications and questions with PTI experts. To enhance the knowledge transfer, the following key topics are delivered via classroom and practical instruction by industry veterans

Technology and Application of PET – 1.5 Days
  • PET Properties
  • PET Industry Overview
  • Container Design and Development
  • Preform Design
  • Introduction to Hot Filling and Heatset
  • Heatset Processing, Design and Performance
  • Barrier Container Technology
  • Material Handling and Drying
  • Injection Molding PET Preforms
  • Injection Molding Practical
  • Blow Mold Processing
  • Blow Molding Machine Practical
  • Preform Heating
  • PET Recycling
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Analytical Lab Practical Instruction
Barrier PET Technologies – 1 Day
  • Available for March and November classes only
Aseptic PET Technologies – 1 Day
  • Available for November classes only
PET Recycling – 1 Day
  • Available for March classes only

*Registrants receive a special price for registering for the full 3.5 day course covering the Technology and Application of PET, Barrier and/or Aseptic and/or Recycling. However the classes are available for separate registration, if desired. 

Training Schedule at-a-Glance
November 25, 2019November 28, 2019 Technology and Application of PET + Barrier & Aseptic PTI-Europe (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland)