Hot Fill (Container)


This procedure evaluates the performance of a heat set bottle when filled with heated water. The methodology used simulates filling and capping as found in production.


The physical measuring consists of the following: initial bottle diameters measured at designated heights 90° from the parting lines, overall bottle heights and overfill volumes. After the initial measurements are taken, the bottles are filled to the brim with heated water. A head space is created after allowing the bottles to set for a pre-determined amount of time and the bottles are capped and sealed. The bottles are allowed to set for a pre-determined amount of time and are then immersed into cool water and remain there until the bottles are room temperature to touch. The bottles are then removed and dried. Final maximum and minimum diameter measurements are then taken at the same heights as the initial measurements. Overfill volumes are repeated and the overall heights are taken with the closure removed. The bottles are cut at designated heights and then weighed.