Conversion of Retort to Aseptic Filling

The Opportunity

The client came to PTI to help with the conversion of a retort filling process to an aseptic filling process for one of their nutritional beverages. The desired change provided the perfect opportunity for the company to also develop a container that was more aesthetically pleasing. It also was important to start the project with a clean slate – the only stipulations were to keep the current finish and a high-barrier material.

The Innovation

To kick off the project, PTI was invited to participate in a brainstorming session that included the client and an external design firm. At the end of the three-day session, three designs were taken forward to prototype bottle samples that were used for focus group testing. The client then selected one of the prototypes and moved ahead with a custom preform. As a part of the design process, PTI performed qualification trials for the machines and their associated molds as well as studied various barrier options to determine recyclability.

The Outcome

The end result was a monolayer PET bottle with an appropriate oxygen barrier. A printed full sleeve label is used to help minimize the amount of light that penetrates through the side wall. A design patent was awarded for the bottle.