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Training Course: Thin Wall Barrier Packaging

Thin Wall Barrier Packaging – PTI Europe | 2 Days
The rigid plastic container industry is growing each year. It already covers a wide range of applications, from single-serve cups to multi-used containers. Thanks to its ease of production processes, plastic packaging is the choice for new products or for conversion from other packaging materials. It is highly driven by light-weighting, sustainability, and product differentiation. But the real product challenge comes with the barrier performances for such packages, in particular when applied for conversion of metal and glass.
Our training course provides up-to-date information on barrier rigid plastic container technologies; it covers material chemistry, production processes with lab experiments, and practical testing. Plus opportunities to discuss your specific applications and questions.
Thin Wall Barrier Packaging Training Course Covers:

• Packaging Material properties
• Injection molding basics
• Thermoforming basics
• Specialties for added barrier performance
• Injection molding (practical)
• Fundamentals of package design
• Packaging permeation essentials
• Barrier performance testing
• Product / package interaction
• Overview of sealing technologies
• Recycling
• Key drivers for cost analysis

This class is offered on-demand only. For further information or for any questions regarding registration, email our training department at