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Virtual Prototyping™ Modules

Preform Temperature MatrixPTI introduces its Virtual Prototyping™ modules that, in just a few mouse clicks, can design a preform for your container and take it on a virtual trip through a blow molding machine.

The output for this program is an excellent input for FEA models of the blow molding process.

Preform Temperature ProfileThe software is being offered as several components, starting with the primary module that generates a complete thermal profile of a preform exiting the oven, to a module that designs and optimizes a preform for any inputted container geometry.

Wall ThicknessIf you purchase preforms, the Virtual Prototyping™ software will select the best preform design from all possible configurations. You can virtually reheat and blow mold each preform design to test each style even before fabricating a single part. Imagine the savings in pre-production cost and time.

PTI Virtual Prototyping™ Modules are available two ways:

  1. For those who want their own subscription to the PTI Virtual Prototyping™ Modules, it is available via secure and encrypted web site. This is an efficient way to provide company-wide, unrestricted, 24/7 access for a number of users from the same company at different locations, sharing the same database of designs.
  2. For those who need only limited access (or for those with limited technical capabilities), stretch blow molding simulation using the PTI Virtual Prototyping™ Modules in conjunction with FEA services are available directly through PTI.

For inquiries or to gain access to an evaluation account::
   Phone: +1 419 867 5400
   E-mail: VPSupport@plastictechnologies.com

Subscribers with a valid userid and password, please login at the following url: https://vp.plastictechnologies.com/

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