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Process Laboratory Services


Process LaboratoryPTI's state-of-the-art process laboratory features Arburg, Husky, and Sidel production processing equipment. The goal of the process laboratory is to provide our associates and customers the most efficient resources to test, prototype, and develop samples and processes as a means to improve their products and line efficiencies. We continually maintain and expand our leading edge laboratory capabilities in order to provide superior timing, efficiency, and accuracy to our customers.

Injection Molding

Our injection molding service is capable of drying and producing molded parts with a number of physical variables including resin, color, and barrier, along with other processing variables. A special mold frame and tooling design are utilized to enable us to produce parts from a new preform design in a matter of days. These preforms can then be used to produce bottles with one of our blow molding machines.

Blow Molding

We offer a comprehensive and flexible blow molding service that can provide bottles for prototyping, testing, or market trials. Our service is known for its quick turn around time and a high attention to detail. Bottles can be produced from preforms made in our injection molding services or with preforms supplied by our customers.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is a common name given to parts made with a range of technologies. PTI can create samples by utilizing 3D printing, machining, injection molding and blow molding.

Generic Bottle Designs

A variety of generic bottle and preform designs are available for use. Some of the offerings include hot fill, water, beer, and straightwall bottles. A full brochure is also available.

Line Trial / Market Test Sampling

PTI has a flexible production line configuration to handle 'large-scale' prototyping. Bottle and preform sampling quantities often range from 10 to 10,000, with some running upwards of 1 million. We also offer a variety of injection and blow molding cavitation options with low tooling investment.

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