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Product Development

The PTI Product Development group is recognized as the industry-leading, independent resource for PET package development. Our associates have over 100 years of combined experience taking our customers' ideas from Concept to Commercialization.

PTI works with major brand owners, packaging producers, and entrepreneurs to develop functional packages, which communicate brand equity and leverage technology in a competitive marketplace. Our quick turnaround times provide preforms in days and new bottles in weeks from the initial concept. PTI's specialty is making production-quality prototypes in the same amount of time as the competition requires to make models.

PTI protects our customers' confidentiality and intellectual property as an absolute priority. Whether it is a high-performance package for beverages or a brand-equity package for a home care product, we have the experience and attitude to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality.

For additional information, please review our development progression, which highlights the services we provide for our customers.

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