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The philosophy of PT Instruments is to use the resources and experience of PTI to define and analyze the testing needs of the industries we serve. With this understanding we are able to provide a value-added devices and service which can be used to improve our many customer's processes and efficiencies.

  • PTI LeakMonitor
    The PTI LeakMonitor is a valuable production-monitoring tool designed for integration within two-step PET container blow molders (example Sidel, Krones, SIG). The system monitors the ultrasonic signature of individual blow molder cavities is set-up to track mold positions and use the blow molder's internal reject mechanism. Click here for more information about the LeakMonitor.

  • TorqTraQ® Closure Testing Device
    The TorqTraQ® device is a hand-held, ergonomic closure testing device with the precision of a bench top device. The device provides reliable and reproducible application and removal torque readings, and internally stores data which can be uploaded to a computer via USB. A unique capper setup feature allows the user to measure capper head application torque without removing the capping head from the machine!

  • PETWall® Measument Technology
    A wall thickness measuring system designed for use in PET container production facilities. The PETWall® family of patented Thickness Measuring Devices can be used effectively to detect containers with random distribution problems, as well as, provide valuable real-time process and production information.

Licensed Technology

Our other valued-added partners have commercialized PTI developed technology. These products are listed here and we invite you to contact the company directly.

  • MOCON® and PTI OxyTraQ® Oxygen Permeation System
    MOCON and PTI combine experience & innovation to introduce the OxyTraQ®, a multi-station conditioning & oxygen permeation system for testing rigid packages & containers.
    • Oxygen Scavenger testing
    • Reduced machine time
    • Accurate, repeatable results
    • Increased throughput
    • 6 stations with independent sensors
    • Innovative SmartPurge™ technology

  • Steinfurth® LMS™ Laser Measurement System
    ...the all-in-one measurement system for package dimensions and fill height

    The Laser Measurement System LMS(TM) performs dimensional analysis on containers of various shapes and sizes, quickly and accurately. The LMS(™) scans single-serve packages, large volume packages, and everything in between.