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Minus9™ Plastics, LLC

PTI is a development partner in Minus9™ Plastics LLC, a company which has developed a unique array of metal phosphonate nanocomposite materials.

Minus9™ services offer a variety of options in research and development of nanocomposites. These offerings include; barrier property enhancement, thermal property improvements and mechanical/structural performance.

These materials have been shown to increase the barrier efficiency of polyolefin and polyester materials. As these compounds are synthesized, rather than mined and purified, their properties can be tailored to the different polymers, making them functional at lower concentrations. This results in lower haze values compared to clays and alleviates the need for exfoliating agents.

For more information about the metal phosphonate nanocomposite materials for your applications, please contact us at info@plastictechnologies.com.

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