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Plastic packaging: from concept to commercialization


FastTrack training

In addition to its “core” plastic packaging training courses, Plastic Technologies, Inc. has expanded in providing educational training in a variety of plastic material and processing areas. The program offers multiple seminars for basic, intermediate and advance levels of injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, thermoforming and new technology.

PTI Fasttrack

The instructors have built teaching modules around both ‘principles’ and ‘fundamentals’ in relevant topic areas.  Courses are excellent “refreshers” for veterans and will help “newcomers” ramp-up their knowledge base.

Course options include: plastic materials, processing fundamentals; injection molding theory, practice, design; coextrusion principles, practices; thermoform process technology; thermoplastic elastomers; mold design, building fundamentals; injection molding advanced concepts; engineered plastics extrusion; reheat-stretch blow molding fundamentals, and screw design fundamentals.

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