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PTI Family of Companies

In 1992, PTI established a separate manufacturing company, Phoenix Technologies International LLC, in Bowling Green, Ohio. Phoenix is now the world's largest supplier of recycled PET for rigid packaging applications and is licensing patented plastic recycling technologies worldwide.

In 1997, Phoenix received the first-ever FDA approval for manufacturing direct blend food grade recycled PET from curbside material. This proprietary and patented process has become the process of choice within the industry and Phoenix is now the largest merchant manufacturer of LNO™ food grade recycled PET in the industry.

In 1996, PTI Investment Associates, LLC was formed as vehicle for PTI employees to invest in PTI-related ventures. Today, for example, PTI Investment Associates owns the PTI headquarters and laboratory facility and leases that facility back to PTI.

PTI-Europe, SA was founded in 1998. PTI-E is located in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland and is owned by PTI-USA and PTI-E employees. PTI-E provides similar development, engineering, and prototyping services to PTI's European customers and has established itself as the leading independent PET technical resource in Europe.

Soon after establishing PTI-E, PTI-International (PTI-I) was also founded in Brussels, Belgium, specifically to provide management and staffing for several PTI European customers who wished to access PTI's experience and capabilities but to retain their lab facilities in-house. PTI-I is a new model for outsourcing within the PET industry and PTI is on the leading edge for providing this service worldwide.

As PTI continued to grow and to provide technical development services to virtually all companies involved in PET packaging, including brand owners, converters, resin suppliers, machinery manufacturers and raw material suppliers, PTI professionals developed several exciting and high potential technologies which were owned by PTI and which offered potential sales or licensing opportunities. To take advantage of these proprietary technologies, PTI created a New Business Development activity having the charter to pursue internal technology developments as business opportunities, either by joint venture, by licensing, or by creating independent companies.

As a result, in 2001 PTI identified Non-Contact International (NCI) as a joint venture partner with the goal of developing a commercial prototype for an on-line bottle wall thickness measurement technology developed and patented by PTI The joint venture partners, PTI and NCI, formed a separate technology development and licensing company, PETWall LLC, which completed the development of the wall thickness gauge and licensed the technology to a global supplier of on-line inspection equipment, Agr-TopWave. Today Agr-TopWave manufactures, sells, and services PETWall™ wall thickness gauging systems worldwide and pays license royalties to PETWall LLC.

The relationships between PTI's joint venture and license partners has been successful which has spurred additional product developments by PTI, including OxyTraQ® oxygen permeation system manufactured and marketed by MOCON, Inc., the Laser Measurement System (LMS)™ distributed exclusively by Steinfurth Gmbh, which automatically creates a complete map of the outer dimensions of a bottle using laser detection of the outside surface in three-dimensional space. Other internally-developed technologies currently under license, include the NFA™ bottle defect detector which uses an ultrasonic method to "hear" defects as they are created during the blow molding process. This device is promoted by Air Logic Power, Inc (ALPS) and is called the LeakMonitor System.

PTI directly offers a unique innovation solution called the TorqTraQ™device designed for measurement of closure removal torques. As an aid to processing PTI developed a preform "free-blow" device for the laboratory, the PED-2000™ system, which allows the user to quickly and accurately determine the "natural stretch ratio" for any bottle-making resin.

Another PTI proprietary technology, Virtual Prototyping (VP)™ software, to the industry VP™ software is actually a computer simulation of PET preform/bottle design and processing, which allows the user to optimize the design of a preform and bottle combination prior to prototyping, by simulating the reheat-blow molding process using a computer-designed preform and then iterating the initial preform design by predicting the final bottle material distribution and performance. This very powerful VP™ software offers the industry higher speed and accuracy for routine bottle design and development.

Preform Technologies, LLC. (PTLLC), was formed in 2003. PTLLC is an injection molding company that provides specialty and niche PET preforms to PTI and to Phoenix customers and to the industry more broadly and can also offer specialty injection molding services for other packaging applications.

In 2005 PTI formed a joint venture called Minus9™ Plastics, LLC. with Container Science, Inc. (CSI) for the purpose of developing a unique array of metal phosphonate nanocomposite materials. Minus9™ services offer a variety of options in research and development of nanocomposites. These offerings include; barrier property enhancement, thermal property improvements and mechanical/structural performance.

The Packaging Conference, LLC. is a joint venture with Strategic Business Analysis Ltd-Container Consulting Inc. (SBA-CCI) to establish a new kind of packaging conference that aims to highlight the role of technology in the creation of value for the packaging business.